Year: 2017

Duration : 90 minutes (+ 52 minutes version) 

Country: Italy

Produced by : Lab80/Andrea Zanoli

Co-Producer: Ceresa Films/Adriana Ferrarese

Directors: Chiara Campara and Lorenzo Faggi




A small border community located in the mountains between Italy and Switzerland is engaged in the organisation of an international event on the web and digital culture: Wikipedia’s annual world conference.

Esino Lario is a village with a population of 700, which overlooks Lake Como. A well-known tourist destination in the past, today it faces all the typical problems of an isolated mountain community. The village is a closed world, resilient to change and put to the test by the presence of a group of refugees from Africa and the Middle East, whose burden of isolation amplifies misunderstandings and prejudices.

Over a span of several months, the film tracks the preparations ahead of Wikimania, and how the village’s inhabitants relate to the numerous elements of change they are involved in. The commitment of some, the indifference or open hostility of others, unveil a society that is caught between contemporariness and tradition, openness and rejection, evolution or slow, inevitable decline. The village is a microcosm, which provides the opportunity for a case study on the development of universal and closely interconnected issues: the problem of migration, the identity of a rural culture after years of deep social and economic change, and technology as the access key to the possibility of redemption, in human and cultural terms even more than economic. The film tells of the challenge faced by a community that attempts to reinvent itself without forsaking its soul to keep up with the times.


Le film débute un an avant Wikimania 2016.

L’évènement, qui chaque année réunit des volontaires de wikipedia en provenance du monde entier, pour une semaine de débats, de laboratoires sur l’avant-garde digitale et de l’information libre , se tiendra cette année à Esino Lario, un petit village de 700 habitants encastré entre les montagnes au-dessus du lac de Come, à quelques kilomètres de la Suisse.