Original Title : LÛT

Year: 2018

Duration : 90 minutes

Countries: Irak, France

Production and Script development by : Adriana Ferrarese

Directed by : Diako Yazdani




A journey meeting several religious, intellectual and political figures to portray the situation of homosexuals in the country


Lors d’un voyage en Irak pour y retrouver sa famille, le réalisateur essaie de sonder la réalité des homosexuels dans le pays. 



Diako Yazdani


Diako is a young Iranian director, living in France as a political refugee. 

He directed a short film " Les ombres prennent des couleurs dans le miroir" presented at the Festival Premiers Plans (Angers)  and  granted with the "Prix Qualité" of the CNC in 2014. 

Lût is his first feature documentary.