Original Title: LEVEL 305

Year: 2017

Duration:  11 minutes

Country: Italy

Produced by : Adriana Ferrarese & Elvio Manuzzi (Enece Film, Italy)

Directed by : Adriana Ferrarese

Image : Pietro De Tilla

Sound : Giulia La Marca




 * Milano Film Network/In progress-ITALY


 * Montréal Underground Film Festival-CANADA 2018


 * LCFF-Barcelona-SPAIN 2018 


 * Laterale Film Festival- Cosenza (ITALY)- 2019 


 * Festival Hors Sujet- La Gare Expérimentale- Paris-FRANCE- 2019


 * Firm Film Festival- SPAIN- 2019- Jury Special Mention


* 15° Festival International de Cine Indipendiente de la Plata Festifreak ARGENTINA- 2019 





Level 305 is an immersive journey into the depths of a cave and its automated machines.

Through a gradual descent into the entrails of the quarry , we explore the effects of the human hand on Nature and the mechanical universe  he created in his image, where the organic and the mechanical are melting in an artificial, as inevitably natural, orchestration 



"The cinematic exploration of a cave, that could be the darkness in which every generation blooms (womb and cinema included), links the deepness of space and the two-dimensional frame. From a lateral point of view, construction and nature, technology and environment, are alive, not unanimated."

(Laterale Film Festival)