(Pertubazione Lucifero)





Original Title : PROCESSI (Perturbazione Lucifero) 

Year: 2019

Duration :  18 minutes

Black and White/Color

Country: Italy/France

Directed by: Adriana Ferrarese

Camera and Editing: Adriana Ferrarese


Second Episode of the trilogy "Processi"


An uncommon hot summer in the south of Italy is the set of a fishermen sea procession.




*Premiere: September 13th Festival "Visioni dal Mondo" 2019- Teatro Litta -Milan-Italy


25° MedfilmFest-  Section "Le Perle" (emerging Italian authors)- Cinema Savoy- Rome-Italy
*ArcheoFilm- Cinema La Compagnia- Florence-Italy
* MUSEO DEL POBO- 15th International Ethnographic Exhibition - Santiago de Compostela-Spain
* 15° DocuMed- Tunisia
* Cyprus Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Documentary Film Festival  (AEI 2020 Film Festival)
Sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Cyprus
* Mimesis Documentary film festival 2020 ( University of Colorado Boulder) - USA
* VIII Ethnocinema Days - Russian State University-Museum of Antrhopology and Ethnography-  Moscow- RUSSIA
* VII Festival Cinemistica- University of Granada/Corrala de Santiago- SPAIN
*  Sacrae Scenae - Ardesio Film Festival (Bergamo- IT)