Original Title: PROCESSI

Engish Title: PROCESSES

Year: 2016

Duration : 24 minutes

Produced by: Adriana Ferrarese & Elvio Manuzzi (ENECE FILM, Italy)

Directed by: Adriana Ferrarese

Edited by: Chiara Tognoli

Dop: Joseph Haley



DISTRIBUTED BY RAI (Royal Anthropological Institute UK) . Film available here:


Like every year, Corigliano Calabro, a small village in the south of Italy, celebrates Easter: from to the passionate debates for carrying a statue, to the investiture of a man to embody Jesus during the  procession,  « Processi » documents the faith of a village and its ancestral customs . 


Comme chaque année la petite ville de Corigliano Calabro dans le sud de L’Italie célèbre Pâques: de l’investiture d’un homme pour incarner le Christ lors d’une procession nocturne, aux débats enflammés pour désigner les porteurs d’une statue , "Processi" documente la foi d'un village et ses modes de célébrations. 








Adriana was born in Bergamo- Italy,  in 1980. She studied Cinéma in Paris

(Esec-Fémis)  and worked as an production assistant and coordinator in fictions and documentaries before creating  Ceresa Films in 2013.

« Processi » is her first film as a director and it's the first episode of a trilogy about religious rituals. 





* Premiere: October 8th 2016- Festival  "Visioni dal Mondo"- Unicredit Pavilion-Milan. 


* River Film Festival - Italy- Official selection


* 20th International Religion film Festival- Itay- Official selection


* PerSo Film Festival- Italy- Official Selection


* 14° FIFEQ International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec- Montréal


* 20° MEDITERAN FILM FESTIVAL - Official selection- Bosnia and Herzegovina


* MUSEO DEL POBO- 15th International Ethnographic Exhibition - Santiago de Compostela-Spain